Belgian Waffle Maker – For the Finest Crispy Baking

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Waffle is normally taken as a little crunchy batter cake, hard, baked in a waffle maker. Generally, an iron waffle maker is used to make hot waffles which are especially taken with syrup or butter. Belgian waffles are larger in sizes, have lighter batter and the grid pattern is higher. Now, any Belgian waffle maker needs to create larger squares in comparison to the standard American waffles. The product which is introduced here is Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker and this can create 2 Belgian waffles at a time.

belgian waffle makerPrice Range: When this waffle maker has been released in the market then so much price expectations have been made by the customers like from $100 to $200. But many leading online sites are offering this quality waffle maker around $90.99 without taking any shipping charges.

Who would buy this: Aforesaid Belgian waffle maker is suitable for both residential customers and for professional clients. Customers who are running bakeries can also buy this product for quick presentation of stunning and yummy waffles’ dishes.

Table Ready Waffles: When any waffle is prepared in this maker then this can give two waffles at the same time. Furthermore, waffles are baked in round shape which is standard and beautiful to present before guests and customers. The real Belgian waffle taste is preserved properly along with every baking.

Convenient waffles baking technology: Expert professionals have innovative designed and installed features in this waffle maker. Like for example, a person can rotate the function of the machine even at the time of baking. There is no selection of complex operation system.


Other specifications and features are mentioned below:

  • The on/off switch can be handled easily
  • Powerful 1400-watt
  • Round-shaped waffle plates for ready to serve
  • All side baking system even rotating
  • 1-inch extra-deep pockets for more crunchy output
  • revolving thermostat
  • Browning-control knob
  • 2 LED indicator lights to see baking complete from a distance
  • 3 audio beep tones to alert for the final product
  • 15-1/2 by 9-4/5 by 9-2/7 inches waffle sizes format


Belgian waffle maker is really simple and easy to handle machine to get large waffles with premium quality.


However, professional businesses with waffles do not call it great because it can prepare only two waffles at a time, lacking in quantity for large crowd. But, the premium quality and taste that can deliver by this waffle maker can negate this point.


This Belgian waffle maker is not the only single waffle making machine. The market is flooded with a host of waffle creating machines but all of them are not good. The customers’ responses and positive remarks are the reflections of great satisfaction on this product.

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