Chef’s Choice 840 Waffle Maker

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Prepare best baked hygienic waffles with the use of wonderful Chef’s Choice 840 Taste-Texture Select Waffle Maker. Delicious home made waffles in lucrative golden brown colors attract all age group people equally. The waffle maker of rich features provides tasteful waffles in a very short time.

Price Range:

The product is quite affordable in the price range of $ 235 to $ 245. A saving of $60.05 is being offered by the manufacturer. Pocket load is further reduced by free shipping of the product. One year limited type warranty is another attraction.

Who Would Buy This Product?

Home made waffle lovers who like fresh and delicious choices of their own taste always prefer this unique waffle maker. Waffle maker reviews posted on impartial websites are supportive to its variety of uses.

Bakes Quickly:

The product can bake 4 deep pockets of waffles in a very short time like 90 to 120 seconds.

Can Control Baking Time along with Temperature:

With different combination of constituents of mixture, a wide variety of waffles can be effectively obtained by the use of brilliant inbuilt system of controlling baking time as well as baking temperature. Controlling knobs are very easy to operate.

Other Main Features:

Other main useful features of Chef’s Choice 840 Taste-Texture Select Waffle Maker are as follows:

• Very easy to clean overflow channel.
• A beeper indicating waffle ready is provided in the product for ease in use to even new users.
• High quality non sticky and long lasting griddle is quite useful.
• Automatic countdown timer is another beautiful inclusion in the features of the product.


The product has been described as the most dependable waffle maker by the reputed and trusted website waffle maker reviews. It has got fast recovery. It has got sleep mode and cord storage facility to ease its operation for the busy users.

It provides good baking for whole wheat, fat free, chocolate chip, traditional butter milk, oat bran, sugar free and more different batters with excellent results in getting crisp exteriors but soft interiors. This waffle maker gives textures like damp type sponges and even like bricks along with different kinds of batters.


This product produces thin walled waffles because of squared grid pattern but this helps to get more texture versatility. Sometimes more crispy waffles are produced which can be controlled by turning down the heat knob. Though it is not a submersible type of waffle maker which are easy to clean, even then it can be perfectly cleaned by running the product with water for two minutes.


With adjustable temperature and control knob for time in baking, the waffle maker reviews prefer this product and strongly recommend it for perfect texture and versatility. Buy the product to cook large waffles quickly and save energy bills as it has got low wattage too.

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