Chef’s Choice 840B WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker with Unique Quad Baking System

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Some might say that the right waffle maker is the most important part of making a good breakfast. These appliances come in all sorts of sizes, depending on how much you can set aside to be able to make some tasty waffles, and also depending on the size of your family. Chef’s Choice M840B WafflePro Express Classic Belgian Waffle Maker is an example of a standard waffle maker that will rarely fail to deliver, but might prove too small for some families.

Indeed, the first thing you might notice when you take the M840B out of the box is its size. With measurements of around 12x12x4 inches, this waffle maker isn’t exactly going to feed an entire restaurant looking for breakfast. The device makes four standard-size waffles with the usual texture before forcing you to refill – if you don’t have any need for larger production, this won’t be an issue.

Chef'sChoice 840B WafflePro

In terms of features, the WafflePro Express doesn’t disappoint but won’t dazzle, either. Like many above-average waffle makers, the M840B’s surfaces don’t stick – if you ever tried making waffles on teflon or steel that isn’t non-stick, you’ll have no trouble appreciating this. The manufacturer advertises the appliance as able to make four tasty waffles in under a minute and half, which probably isn’t too far off, although you can expect adjustments to the number depending on the thickness and ingredients of your batter.

The modes are simple – this can be good or bad, depending on your preferences. The deep-bake mode is better suited for thicker batter and in cases where you’d like a solid waffle, such as when you’re using waffles to make cake or a similar dish. The other mode creates the standard waffles that are meant to be soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, although whether you can actually get them such will depend a little on your culinary prowess.

The M840B works well enough – it heats up fairly quickly, meaning you can prepare a quick breakfast for family members that need to leave the house in a rush. Another good thing is that it features an audio signal that tracks progress, letting you know when the waffles are done. Many waffle makers force you to stand there and watch as the waffles are being baked, so this will give you a chance to do other stuff or even leave the room as they’re being made – just make sure not to have loud music on.

The ease of use is part of what makes this waffle maker such a family-friendly choice. If you’re looking for a first waffle maker that’s solid and won’t cause mishaps, the WafflePro Express is worth considering. Its inability to produce many waffles in a short amount of time can be a drawback, but many families don’t need this option. A new WafflePro Express will cost you around $70, which is probably less than you were expecting to pay for a quality waffle maker. Best advice: get it, and if it turns out too small, upgrade accordingly.

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