Cuisinart WAF-200 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

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Cuisinart WAF-200 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

Belgian waffle lovers consider picking the right waffle iron a form of art. The Cuisinart WAF 200 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker promises to be just that, but can we really trust the manufacturer?

When you first unpack it, the WAF-200 won’t really stand out in any way from its competitors: a square metallic design with an inspirational word printed as the logo. But who cares about the design, right? It’s whether this baker will make your waffles sought-after or feared that’s important.

The Cuisinart 4-Slice actually has more features than many other waffle irons in the same price range. It allows five different settings of browning control, which let you customize your waffles exactly how you’d like them to be (although you’ll very likely end up using the same setting 99% of the time).

While the waffles might be custom, don’t expect them to turn out particularly large. The 14x13x7 size is slightly larger than some other waffle makers, but the WAF-200 still can’t make more than four small waffles in one go. Some are also very particular about the shape of their waffles – the Cuisinart 4-Slice makes square ones, so if you’re used to triangle ones, you might want to pick another model.

You can also expect the waffles to be a little thicker due to the one-inch depth of the panel, which lets this waffle iron accept more batter. Despite a larger amount of mass, the batter will rarely go where it’s not supposed to, and cleaning isn’t particularly difficult. The WAF-200 doesn’t exactly have the best non-sticking panel, but you should have an easy enough time avoiding sticky breakfast situations once you get the hang of it.

If you’ve ever had to deal with burnt waffles, you’ll love the Cuisinart 4-Slice’s notification system: it plays a loud beep when the deed is done, and there are also two lights up front. The red signals that the waffles are being made, while the green one lets you know that they’re ready to go.

Another one of the WAF-200’s stronger points is the handle and the way it’s placed on the waffle iron. You won’t have to fear getting burned, even if you left the appliance running for too long – the handle stays cool, and there’s plenty of space between it and the hot parts, even for those of us with larger hands.

The multiple settings are great on paper, but they don’t always work the way they should – the WAF-200 doesn’t cook waffles especially fast, and trying to fry them faster by using a higher setting can lead to undercooking, especially in cases of thicker batter. The safest way to make waffles here is choosing a medium setting and waiting a bit longer to make sure they’re done right.

Despite the occasional undercooking on higher settings, you can’t go wrong with the WAF-200 if you’re a fan of easy-to-make square waffles. Cuisinart is known for its quality waffle irons, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that will serve you better for no more than $60.

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