Hamilton Beach 26031 Removable Grid Belgian Waffle Maker

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The Hamilton Beach 26031 Removable Grid Belgian Waffle Maker

Even the greatest chefs could use a little aid in the kitchen here and there, so a brand name like Hamilton Beach certainly has its appeal. Waffles aren’t exactly supposed to be the most difficult dish to make, which might make someone wonder why you’d need a waffle iron labeled as professional. Well, if you’re not one of the people who would wonder that, Hamilton Beach 26031 Removable Grid Belgian Waffle Maker might be worth giving a look – provided you can afford it, that is.

Let’s start by commenting on the price. Despite its impressive size and many different features to customize your waffle-making experience, the Removable Grid Waffle Maker’s price tag of $45-$50 will no be too much waffle lovers. It all depends on the individual – some will love the opportunity to have a top-notch waffle maker full of fancy features.

Hamilton Beach 26031 Removable Grid Belgian Waffle Maker can seem a bit intimidating when compared to other waffle makers – slick, black steel and a bit larger-than-usual size of 11x19x13 inches can make this a conspicuous addition in some kitchens. The size is definitely something to keep in mind – your kitchen might not be large enough for you to comfortably fit and use this waffle maker.

For its size, the waffles that Hamilton Beach makes aren’t particularly large, but they’re numerous: it produces one 7-by-7 full-round waffle. The appliance further splits the waffles into four pieces total, which should be enough to feed a family of any size.

An interesting feature of Hamilton Beach is that it lets you flip the waffles around as they’re being made, with the manufacturer claiming that it helps create the perfect and most evenly-baked waffle. How much this actually does is questionable, however, and you might not like the idea of additional effort going into your waffle-making. On the other hand, the fact that you can flip the baking chamber vertically increases storage options. This all makes clean up easy.

If there’s one thing that sets Hamilton Beach apart from other waffle-makers, though, it’s definitely the timer. Instead of having to sit in front of the waffles worrying that they will get overcooked or burnt, this waffle iron lets you set the desired baking time. Once it expires, the appliance will shut itself down, eliminating any concerns over burnt waffles. Better yet, it can remember the perfect waffle-baking time for any future cooking, reducing your efforts to simply adding the batter and clicking a few buttons.

Still, finding that perfect time might be hard, and it could take several clumsy tries with the timer before you reach it. While fairly simple, the timer can confuse some and could also put off those who prefer a simpler appliance.

All in all, despite not bringing forth a revolution in waffle making, Hamilton Beach is a decent upgrade over most similar appliances. Whether its features justify the high price – and whether there is enough of them to justify a ‘professional’ designation – is up for the user to decide.

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